Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trump’s Rhetoric Soared Anti-Muslim Crimes in West

Although it is due to formally implement the Donald Trump’s (Republican 2016-Presidential Candidate)proposal of banning Muslims in United States, in case if Republicans comes to power, but recent incidents what many saw as new American Policy baring Muslims from visiting United States, grew outrage in world Muslim community.

             Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate for USA-2016  Election.

Paris Attacks followed by Trump’s rhetoric didn’t take more than two weeks escalating anti-Muslim incidents with detaining a Muslim family from flights, attacks on mosques and hatred speeches and violence.

In a recent incident, a British Muslim family bound for a visit to Disneyland was barred from boarding a London flight to Los Angeles at Heathrow Airport earlier this month.

The questions here once again started arising that, are Americans becoming intolerant against their minority community including African Americans, Muslims and Hindus, Sikhs, Jews among others.

All national Exit Polls showed positive trends after Republican front-runner presidential candidate's remark on the total ban on Muslims visiting United Sates of America, in late November.  His remark surged him in all exit polls ever since the trumpet of 2016-Presidential elections blown.

The trends, somehow, to a greater extent gestures towards the changing pattern of Americans mind towards Muslim community making them overprotective and intolerant against minorities.

And, the degree to which his remark is going to change the future of American politics and Presidential election can be not be very unambiguous in months ahead.

The world's oldest democracy, claiming equal right to all no matter what religion, colour, beliefs and faiths its people share,   is seems to be going through from its transition period from secular to religious, from tolerant to intolerant, and from pluralist and cosmopolitan to stereotypes.

Not only this, violence against African Americans (Blacks) has also seen a dramatic upsurge in recent few years with more than 355 mass-shooting in mere 336 days in States.

Martin Luther King Jr., would had devoted his whole life in fighting for rights of African American,  would have shocked by seeing such intolerance in Unites States. Significantly, Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired by Indian freedom fighter and crusader of truth and non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi), to fight for rights of African Americans (Blacks).

And surprisingly, the very first African American (Black) President of United States, Barack Obama did not hesitate criticising India for inciting religions intolerance, earlier this year.  

During his visit to India, in his speech to Indian people he had said that India will keep developing as far as it will remain secular and will not be divided on lines religion. Later, he also remarked that the rising religious intolerance in India would have shocked its peace icon Mahatma Gandhi. However, India has been occasionally target by Western democratic liberal and secular counties for being intolerant against its minority communities.

Coming back to USA, it is now up to the Americans and its Muslims that how are they going to reflect their vote towards such rhetoric or they have become accustomed enough to digest such direct anti-Muslims statements by a presidential candidate, And how the Paris, 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo are going to affect American majority communities when will set to cast their vote.

Friday, December 11, 2015

American Saga of Tolerance : 336 Days, 355 Mass-Shootings

After 9/11, the numbers of Americans killed in terrorist attacks stand less than one hundred, outnumbering the hundreds of thousand killed in mass-shooting in United States of America, so far.


The recent killing of 14 innocent people in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, by a Muslim couple, once again sparked a debate in American politics and media to stringent the arm rules, raising questions on vanishing tolerance of Americans against African Americans, which was planted by Martin Luther King after decades of struggle.

The media and citizens, who have been waiting and watching the Obama administration, in the hope of some substantial action, have now been outraged and can go beyond something unexpected.

The Obama, the State’s first African American President, has been failed to cope up 
the rising intolerance against African Americans in recent years.
Ever since 9/11, such mass killings have been in rise against religions and ethnic minorities in USA. The Muslims, Asians, Hindus, Sikhs, Blacks and other minority communities have repeatedly been prey of discrimination and hatred.
Such recent incidents and laxity of Obama government, has once again tend to house a sense of fear and insecurity among minorities. 

The recent incidents have gestured towards exceeding records of killings of Americans in recent years after September 11, outside and inside its territory, which, if not constrained timely can trigger devastating results.

In a recent interview to BBC, Barack Obama, President of United State of America had admitted that, “his government has been failed to cope up with surging mass-shooting in USA in recent years, adding that, “after 9/11 less 100 Americans would have been killed in terrorist attacks, while Americans killed in mass shooting counts hundreds of thousands.”

He admitted that the stringing of arms norm is urgent need of hour to check the crime incidents, which is very high in USA as compared to any European developed country.
In America getting a weapon license is, somehow, as easy as getting a driving license, while getting a weapon license in India is as difficult as getting an American Green card.

Biggest Democracy vs. Oldest Democracy: Is India more intolerant than States?

Mr. Barack Obama earlier this year had criticized Indian administration for its slackness in curbing rising intolerance against minority communities (Muslims and Christians). Weeks after his visit to India, he had said that “surging religious intolerance in Indian would have shocked its peace icon Mahatma Gandhi, which provoked a stream of outrage in India.

However, this, Obama’s statement came after a couple of incidents of religious mass conversion of Muslims to Hinduism and incidents of vandalizing mosques and churches by Hindu nationalist groups, after ruling Indian party, Bhartiya Janta Party (Hindu nationalist-Right Wing) came in power last May (2014).

The Indian media, laureates, left wings and oppositions have also been accusing the ruling Party for inciting and promoting the intolerance in country since last May, and the issue has been emerged as a major political challenge for Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India to grapple with.

Likewise, undeniably for Mr. Barack Obama, the rising mass killing is going to play a decisive role in 2016’s presidential election.

Nevertheless, if World largest democracy, India, is becoming intolerant against its minority communities, then what would be it called that happened in World’s Oldest Democracy the United States of America in 336 days in 2015.
In 2015, India, three people have been victim of religious intolerance, while USA has more mass-shootings than days in Year.

Isn’t America becoming intolerant towards its African American and other ethnic minorities?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Like Diwali, Jews Celebrate 'Hanukkah'

                     "Hanukkah is Jewish Festival of Lights, as Diwali for Indians" 
Lighting up houses with bright candles, chanting songs of victory and peace, distributing sweets and gifts and wishing each other well-being and prosperity, this is how Hannukah is celebrated, also known as the Festival of Lights. Surprisingly, this festival significantly resembles the iconic Hindu Diwali.

Candles and Diyas symbolic of Festival of Light | © abhinabahtt and chosenpeople.com

Diwali Festival

Diwali is another festival of lights observed for five days in India by Hindus. There are many similarities between the two. The Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, is celebrated for eight consecutive nights sometime between late November and late December – determined by the Hebrew calendar – in Israel and by Jewish people all over the world. Hanukkah could be called the ‘Jewish Diwali,’ celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil since ancient times.
Diwali Celebration | © Pradip Mahato/Flickr
In India, the festival of lights, Diwali, usually falls in October and November – determined by the Hindu calendar – and is celebrated by the lighting of Diyas(lamps/candles) in and around the house and windows, wearing new clothes, preparing special dishes and sweets, opening festive crackers, and giving or receiving surprise gifts from relatives and friends.
In the same way, Hanukkah is celebrated with lightning of candles on the menorah(a candelabrum with nine branches) followed by the chanting of songs and the distribution of presents.
Hanukkah Lights
Hanukkah Lights | © Djampa/Wiki Commons 
Both festivals owe ancient importance, in their respective religion, to instances of war and victory, of good over evil. As per Hindu mythology, Diwali is celebrated in the name of Lord Rama (Hindu God) of Ayodhya, after his victory over the evil Ravana, when the people of Ayodhya lit lamps to celebrate his return and illuminated the whole city.
Diwali is observed for five days substituted by other small festivals including DhanterasChhoti Diwali (Small Diwali), Diwali, Gowardhan Pooja and Bhai Duj.
Hannukah Traditions
The story of Hannukah is the remembrance of the Jewish victory of over the Syrian-Greek Army and reclaiming of the Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem over 2,100 years ago. You can visit the sites from the story still today.
Hanukkah Celebration © Rebecca Israel/WikiCommons
The story is that the army struck the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, leaving them with only enough oil to light one day, but that it stayed lit for eight consecutive days and nights, once they had won the war. This is why the Jewish people light the menorah using a single candle (the shamash), and commemorate Hanukkah to the mark the miracle that the oil lasted, by lighting candles from right to left each day from one to eight. They also eat deep-fried traditional dishes to symbolize this.

Diwali and Hanukkah, celebrated throughout the world, are the reflection of victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

‘Country of Conflicts’

      24 hours, 365 days, struggle continues between life and death, for the existence, bombs and rockets are every second on the target, here the difference of life and death is merely 15 seconds, they have to escape, and they have to be alive so that they can save their Country. Here the 15 seconds stands for siren warning against air attacks alerting people to hide under bunkers to save their lives.

Every day, there is a new fight for their survival, the word like war, terror, bomb, rocket and missile has now been inherited in the soul of citizens.It’s the story of the Country, which has been in conflicts since its inception in 15th May 1948, which has been fighting for its very existence on Map, where war in is the nerves of its citizens, The State of ‘Israel’- The land of Three Faiths-The Bone of Contention.

In last 70 years the Jewish country has been in direct fight with all its Arab neighbors, who consider Israel as their motherland.

In Israel the young generation prior becoming engineer, doctor, scientist, think of Nation, think of Army the foremost to all. Youths, Students, regardless of their gender and status, go to School and College or Work, only after ensuring safeguard of their nation. What will be use of Education when there will be no Nation to live, this what they have in their souls.

Army is their religion, Army is their culture, and Army is their deed. This is the country where from Prime Minister to Peasant, Richest to Poorest, Laborer to Leader and Capitalist to Communist, everyone is first supposed to serve Nation.

Israel has different connotation of terrorism and its supporters, and has very strong urge to save its citizens.

Israeli cities appears much more like cantonments where each and every corner is captivated with bomb proof bunkers whether it is home, office, ground, university, market, shopping mall, to save precious lives of its citizens, as no one knows when a rockets is going to destroy Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Palestine and Gaza is round the clock preparing to launch missiles, rocket here.

The State of Israel, on June 5, 1967, was going to be disappeared from Earth, after being invaded by Egypt, Syria and Jordan armies via three sides. It was the situation of Do or Die for Israel who did not leave any stone unturned for the sake of their land, losing more than 1 percent of its citizens in famous Six-day War.

It must be charisma that Israeli Air Force got lead against trio-army, defeating and scooting them from their own land with Israel capturing Gaza Strip, West Bank and Sinai Peninsula up to Suez Canal in Egypt, more than three times of its size.

It is certainly a matter of amaze that how Israelis are accustomed to such kind of life.

Even after being in fight with neighboring countries from 70 years, spending a big chunk of GDP for continuous renovation of military, how it stood up as most advanced country, certainly tells its story of struggle. The Tel Aviv city is among the most modern, beautiful, smart and safe cities in the world. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

When Slave Honoured by Ruler

The person, who was denied Visa by many Global leaders for more than a decade for his alleged role in 2002 Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat State of India, how dramatically became Prime Minister of world’s largest and most stable Democracy, and emerged as World’s most powerful leaders, is still indigestible for many. 

United States of America, United Kingdom, and other European countries which had denied him Visa for more than 10 years since 2002, for inciting anti-Muslim riots, and his anti-Muslim policies in state of Gujarat of which he was chief minister for 4 terms, are now welcoming him openheartedly.

However, Mr. Modi did not only compensate his 10 years of exile, but also emerged as a World leader representing India’s image not only as global partner in terms of trade but in terms international security, peace and prosperity.

He made the world re-create their thinking about India and Indians. The Indians, no matter which country they living in, have showed confident in his leadership and have started thinking of a new India and started their efforts towards his ambitions.

In merely one year and half year of governance, Mr. Narendra Modi, visited more than 27 countries including western counties United States of America, Canada, Germany, France, , Ireland, United Kingdom, east Asian countries viz. Japan, China, Mongolia, South Korea, central Asia like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,  island countries like Mauritius,  Singapore, Australia, Seychelles besides other Indian major partners Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, UAE, Brazil, Russia and made them realise the India’s potential.

Wherever his visited he invented a new way of mutual relationship and understanding among nations with awakening a new hope among Indians residing in whole world.  Heretofore, Mr Barack Obama, Mr Vladimir Putin or British premier David Cameron were the world leaders known for their administrative efficiencies and international policies but now Mr Modi and India is not behind in international prominence may be for the first time in independent Indian History.

This is his charisma that wherever he went and he made release Indian Diaspora how important they are for India and for the country they are living in and what they have to give to their mother land. He tried to connect with their hearts and made them release them of their patriotism.

Modi team better understand how to oblige the Indian living in abroad to allure them investing in India. He capitalized his two visits to Unite States of America for participating in United Nations annual meet, with invocating Indians in to mega event organised at Manhattans’ Garden Madinson Square and Silicon Valley, the Indian majority places.

In the same way, in Britain he was given such a warm and spectacular welcome which never ever any Indian Prime Minister received. In his address to Indians in Britain Mr. Modi said that the time has been reserved in 70 years, and no doubt it was manifested in various events organised in Mode’s honour. Guard of honour in the respect of Mr. Modi, by the same country which slaved India for 200 years, and his speech in British parliament, has proclaimed that India is no more a third world country.

Anyhow, it is well-known that from these visits, Mr Modi is trying to bring as much foreign investment that no one will remain unemployed and poor in India. After all, as he says he is a Gujarati 'Baniya' and knows very well how to bring money from other’s pocket, it very true.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Islam in Terror or Terror in Islam

From Pakistan to Turkey and from Syria to Morocco, absolute Muslim world is in extreme annihilation. The United States of America, European and rest of the Muslim minority nations simultaneously stigmatized a particular community for all recent terror attacks in last one month in Paris, Beirut and Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt.

Certainly in all the terror attacks in past one month, one year and even in past 2 decades in New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Madrid, only this community was involved.

Eventually, it seems that whole Muslim world is engaged in just creating and destroying Terrorists and this is what Middle East is now known for. But, here question arises, why democratic values have always been failed in Muslim World. Is it merely due to religion and culture that makes Middle East more radical and why all the militants belong to Muslim World? The recent incidents have once again raised questions that whether "Islam in Terror or Terror in Islam."                    
The Story Starts Here:  Dispute of Dominance

Since World War 2, cold war between United Sates of America and former USSR has been accountable for shaping the past and future of many countries in the World, and Middle East is of course no exception. It is well known that the formation of militant group Taliban by USA with association of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other middle east allies to knockdown the USSR’s dominance in Afghanistan in 1989. Coincidentally, at the same time USSR happened to collapse and compelled to retreat. However, whether Afghanistan was saved or not is still ambiguous.

Ever since 1989 Indian has been prey of the same militants created by USA led coalition in Afghanistan which expanded its hold in Pakistan to fight proxy war against India. Attacks on Parliament of India in New Delhi in 2001 and 26/11 Mumbai attacks leaving hundreds dead were outcome of the same phenomena.  The Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, product of this very intervention, finally honored their creator with 9/11 in the return to what they had given to Middle East.

The 9/11 against paved a beautiful way for USA to invade in Middle Eastern countries in the name of fighting against terrorism, receded Iraq and Afghanistan into Stone Age. However, after fall of Saddam's regime in Iraq and killing of Bin Laden in Pakistan, as USA army initiated to retreat leaving behind the trails of destruction, the locals suppressed for one and decade started to be violent. The suppression of more than a decade of was sufficient for Iraqi and Afghani Muslim population, whose lives had been no better than hell,   to fill the vacuum by creating another Jihadist group 'ISIS', as they had left with no any source of lives.

As US army gradually retreated from Iraq the group become more violent, strengthen its hold in west Iraq and swallowed eastern parts of Syria which was already battling with deadly civil war between Russian led Assad Regime and US led Rebels.
Due to hypocritical attitude of USA, how many people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, how Honduran and Chilean coup d'├ętat ruined democracy, how many fled Syria and Libya due to US led intervention still remains unanswered.

Why ‘West’ First Prey of ISIS

The Muslim community living in Western countries as minority is always being suppressed and discriminated, and that the ISIS is targeting to those well-educated dissatisfied Muslim youths in European countries. The French Muslim youths involved in both Paris attacks this year (January and November) is somehow outcome of that desperation.

Although, the situation has not become so far become so fragile for Eastern and southern eastern countries as Muslims population is not being suppressed that much. Especially in India Muslims enjoy much freedom of practicing their rituals, traditions and celebrating festivals than any other Muslim minority country in Asia.But, there may is some level of threat to China from ISIS for suppressing Muslims community in Xinjiang province, disallowing them from following their customs and festivals, which is prone to explode any time.

Now it is not very latent that whether terror is being spread by Islam or Islam is been terrorized. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

As I Landed on The Land of Three Religions


                                            Always presumed as a Country of war, conflicts, relentlessly engaged in cross-border territorial disputes with neighbouring countries and fighting against terrorism since its Inception.
Talking to anybody in Indian about going to Israel, evidently, gives them goose bumps as they always heard the name of Israel with the frightning words like Violence, Terror, along with the unstable middle eastern countries like Syria, Palestine Iraq, Iran, etc. Israel has a reputation and image of very unstable and war-torn country among Indians and nobody ever wants to come. 
But, however, as soon as landed at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, I made myself prepared for any untoward and embarrassing situation regarding immigration, security checks and other VISA related issues, which is what I have heard from friends before who came here earlier. Nonetheless, I got my immigration slip from immigration counter without any effort, questions and security checking to my surprise.
I exchanged 100 USD for 350 Israeli Shekels (Israeli Currency) at exchange centre and came outside of Airport to get a train to Tel Aviv University; unfortunately it was the day of Shabbat the weekly festival of Jewish people, starting from every Friday afternoon to till Saturday evening. During this period all the bus, trains, shops and other public places remain almost closed in whole Country. Thus I had to take a taxi for University for which I was charged 175 Shekels, while via train it would have been only 20 shekels. (1 Shekel = Rs 16.90 Approx).

Although, I was in grate amaze and surprise with a phobia and fear of being a new in Country, where everything seems to be strange from People and Language to Food and Culture, made me think how would I am going to live here for one year. 
However, in due course of time, I got a bit of familiar with the city Tel Aviv, the people, culture, language and way of living. The people, who have been fighting to save their existence from last seven decades, would be such warm, easygoing and helpful especially to the Indian people, I didn’t ever expect.

And, of course, obviously, I want to convey to the Indians and people of other nationalities too, who may be aspiring to come to Israel and have scary image of Israel, that I didn’t feel here any difference from any Indian or European Cities in terms of safety and security. Moreover, all the cities in Israel are no less smart than any European and American cities.
Although, I never planned and thought of coming to the country of conflicts, but after coming here I didn’t feel like being over-questioned, over-checked, treated like suspects by security personnel because of different nationally, however, Israel is much vigilant for its security as compare to other European countries; of course they have to be due to prolonged experiences of terrorist activities.
And undoubtedly Tel Aviv city is the most advance and High-tech city in the Middle East, with amazing beaches, beautifully crafted landscapes, roads with free Wi-Fi in whole city and exciting night life. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Discovery of 2015: India Is Intolerant Nation

                      As, after so much of melodrama and outcry of all India’s so called celebrities, eminent persons, scholars, litterateurs, scientists and elite and privileged class and of course the media, it has been finally discovered that India has become religious intolerant country under Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Government, for being secular for 68 years after independence.

Well, there is nothing to argue against such intellectual personalities as all the knowledge we have now are just given by them, undoubtedly, before that there were no knowledge in India.

Nevertheless, here are some facts from in and around the world’s most developed and tolerant countries showing the religious intolerance against the minority communities (especially Muslims) followed by its co-relation in Indian context, that I want them to perceive.  

USA: First of all, it’s will be justifies if we talk about the United States of America, the world’s oldest democracy, most diverse in terms of ethnicity and religion.  As an aftermath of 9/11 attacks in the heart of USA, more than 1200 Muslims were arrested and sent to rigorous American detention centers for inhumane tortures. After the incident more than 1500 hate crimes were reported against Muslim communities in USA in 2001 alone.

In New York, addition to this religious intolerance, in December 2012, an Indian immigrant Sunando Sen was pushed by an American onto subway tracks and was killed by train.

Indian Context: However, India’s 26/11 attacks in its financial capital Mumbai or terrorist attacks on Parliament of Indian in its Heart New Delhi, didn’t send any impulses of quarantine of any particular community.

China: In Peoples Republic of China Muslims have been banned for fasting during month of Ramadan for members of Communist party members in Xinjiang province. In Xinjiang province they are banned for wearing headscarf (Hijab/Burqa) in public. Moreover, Muslims are banned for having their traditional beards, headwear and clothing in City of Karamay.  

Indian Context: Whether it is Ramadan, Eid or any festival, the minority community have never been stopped to perform their rituals and traditions by previous and current BJP Government and majority community.

Israel: 17 % of population of Jewish country belongs to Muslim community (mostly from Arab) does not have equal accesses to education, land and jobs in Government. 50 % Muslim population is living in poverty line while same for majority is only 15%. They receive only 5% of government development funding. Out of 70,000 employees in Hi-Tech companies only 300 are from minority community.

Indian Context: Indian minority community has been given numerous privileges and reservation in education, employment, jobs, skill development, pilgrimage and any other service provided by Government which is much more than any country in the world.

Kuwait: An Indian Muslim was killed just for drinking soft drink during month of Ramadan.

Indian Context: Indian Muslims are always free to follow or not follow their religious rituals.

Qatar: Qatar women basketball team was disallowed to participate in competition during 2014 Asian Games in South Korea for wearing Headscarf (Hijab). As per International basketball Federations rules (FIBA) any kind of headscarf, hair accessory and jewelry is prohibited during game.

Indian Context: Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza was criticized by Indian Muslim community for wearing shorts during matches.

France: After the incidence of Charlie Hebdo in which 12 peoples were killed by terrorists in January 2015 for depicting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, there were 21 incidents of shooting and grenade throwing on Islamic buildings and 33 cases of insults and threats in Paris, France reported. A Muslim prayer hall was also fired in Paris by majority communities.

Indian Context: Even after Mumbai 21/11 or Parliament attacks no such incident of targeting the Muslim or any community were reported.

India is Indeed Intolerant

In Northeastern states of India many incidents of killing and converting Hindus to Christianity forcefully by Christian terrorists and separatist groups have been reported for many years.

In Nagaland, the Hindus, India’s majority community has not been allowed to celebrate Durga Puja and other religious festivals due to the suppression and killing by Christian terrorist groups.

In Tripura, the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) is known for attacking many Hindu priests and temples and forcefully converting them to Christianity.

In Assam many Hindus were harassed and converted to Christianity by Christian Hamr ethnic group forcefully.

Everybody has forget that how India's former president APJ Abdul Kamal and Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan were frisked and insulted at American airport security checks.

“Now, India’s largest minority community must decide themselves whether India is Intolerant or not.”

Monday, November 2, 2015

India’s Undeclared Calamity

“As of now India can go towards direction of fastest developed Economy or towards the Only Hindu Country in the World.” 

                       Riding on the ship of Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) came into power wining unprecedented 284 seats in Loksabha Elections 2014 with full majority after 30 years in Indian Electoral history by any non Nehru-Gandhi member.

The Indian youths, desperate for change, good education, jobs and eradication of corruption, gave votes to Narendra Modi’s model of good governance (Not to Hindu Nationalist) with full enthusiasm.

However, nobody knew that Modi’s victory could trigger to an undeclared and unannounced Calamity, just like colonial period, after 68 years of Independence, posing threat to unity and integrity of country. 

In the country where even after been in minority, 15% of Muslim population enjoyed same status, freedom and participation as any other religion in India since independence in 1947 in Congress Regime (Indian National Congress), well know secular party of India. And this is the fact well-known to all Muslim World.

But, what happened to the world’s largest democracy, most tolerant, secular, cosmopolitan and fastest growing country, in last one year that led to ‘Religious Intolerance at its Zenith.

Since 68 years the Congress party have used Indian Muslim community as its vote bank, pretending to give provide them favor (Reservation) in all sectors, but they are still underprivileged as compare to other minorities. But they could not still understand how they have been used by political parties and why they are still downtrodden even after having so many schemes, reservations and privileges. And Indian is the only country which gives such privileges to Muslim community, for example subsidy in Hajj Pilgrimage which is not even given by any Arab country.

Anyhow, coming to point, since BJP came into power in May 2014, religious tolerance has took a new turn in the history of independent India.  

In most recent disgusting and heinous incident a mob of Hindu extremists attacked and killed a Muslim person on grounds of consuming beef by him in Dadri village in State of Uttar Pradesh last month.  But, in the previous governments, was consuming beef a crime in India. Had no one eaten beef in India in last 68 years? Were Hindu banned from worshiping Cow in last Governments? Then now what has been changed, what new has been happened in BJP Government.

Ban on Cow slaughter and eating beef have been making headlines in Indian media for last one month with ridiculous statements by leaders of ruling and opposition parties on the support and against religious groups madly, setting aside all the development issues.

Citizens want to get out of such caste and religious politics for the sake of development while the political leaders, whichever party it is, still think voters as political fools.  Whether it is Congress or BJP both played the ace of Communalism  to be in power.

Since in last one and half year of BJP Government, a number of more incidents of religion conversion (Ghar Wapasi) of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, vandalizing Mosques and Churches have also been reported in last one and a half year in many parts of India.

The hate speeches by Hindu extremist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad      or by leaders of All Indian Majilis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) against religion of each other have created an atmosphere of fear among people of both communities, triggering an Undeclared and Unannounced war and devastation in India, the Country know for ‘Unity in Diversity’.

While, due to recent religious intolerance acts in various parts of India against Christians and Muslims, Mr Barack Obama, the president of USA, who has already been failed to stop racial indifference against African American in USA, did not even hesitate to advice India that such increasing religious intolerance in India would have even shocked Mahatma Gandhi. But he forgot that Mahatma Gandhi was the real victim of religious intolerance who saw the partition of his country on communal basis.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Indo-Israel Relations

                                                The Undercover Story

India and Israel relations have been kept secret since before its officials beginning in order to balance the international relations of both countries with appropriate politics and diplomacy. Even before the fall of Soviet Union it has been very good friend of India in all terms, but however, after USSR's collapsed both countries felt to extend officials hand of relationship in 1992, for their vested interest.

In 1971 and 1999 Indo-Pak war, Israel provided secret intelligence information to Indian forces, proved to be best friend when India needed it most.  Unfortunately both the countries have been prey of border disputes and terrorist backed by neighbouring countries since independence for many decades. Israel has emerged stronger per se learning from its past bitter experiences while India, even being such a big country, always failed to curb external violence.

Coming back on the point, however, even after fall of USSR, in order to maintain good relations with Russia, India has not stopped purchasing weapons from Russia, but had to opt to other sources also except USA as it would have proved to be bitter for India-Russia relations. Thus the option was obviously Israel. 

And now Israel is the second largest military partner of India after Russia. 

In 2003, for the first time Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited India to extend the bilateral ties even further of weapons. However, although India maintained good relation with Israel but did not attempt to publicize it, due to Indian relations with Arab World and of course to allure the 15 percent of Muslim populations of the Country.

On one hand, Indian National Congress (INC), which ruled India for more than 60 years since independence have a secular image in country in order to protect Muslim Vote Bank and maintain good relations with Arab World did not try to establish relations with Israel. But it was also during their tenure that India-Israel relations started in 1992. 

However, it was originally at the time of government of  Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee that the diplomatic relations got strengthened between both countries. The BJP government is considered to be backed by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which is extremist Hindu nationalist group of India fighting for Hindu rights. 

Anyhow, after the return of BJP government after 10 years in 2014 the relations between countries are again seems to be strengthening.
Since RSS and BJP are the admirer of Israel and it will not be surprise if any Indian Prime Minister come to Israel for the first time in history.

Recently, Indian president Pranab Mukherjee visited Israel in October 2015 ( first by any Indian President) actually in order to pave the way for the median visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Israel with inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to India.

De facto visiting Israel may proved to be very crucial for India relations with Arab countries from where India purchase all crude oil and also millions of Indian work in these countries. But India is in itself has become big and strong country that it must not to be worried about other countries in its international diplomacy.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Why Muslims Want Special Status in India?

                                              Why Muslims Perceive Themselves Outsider? 
                                              Why Equal Right to Hindus is Intolerant to Muslims?

It is very overpowering to understand that, if  all citizens are equal in the eyes of Constitution, why  special status should be given to Muslims, why they want special status in their own country, where they are born, which is their own land, and share same culture and way of life. Why  do they consider themselves as outsider ?

Since the independence of India, special privilege had been given to Muslims at every sphere by Muslim biased Government (Indian National Congress), but why still they are under-privileged.

Indian Muslims, the most liberal in World, should now, at least, understand the reality of politicians, who used them as Hanson against Majority community for political gains.

Since Independence, as partition was on the grounds of religion, Indian and Pakistan governments and politicians, declared Hindus and Muslims as their innate enemy, who lived on the same land from centuries with brotherhood. 

Indian government persistently acknowledged to Indian Muslims that they are not like other Indian, their culture is not Indian and their language is not Indian

The Panjabi speaking Muslims who went to Pakistan were inhibited from speaking their own language and Urdu was imposed on them as language of Islam.

In the same fashion, Indian Muslims, who spoke Hindi, Persian, Tamil Panjabi etc, were told embrace Urdu as sacred language. 

And after physical partition, in the due course of time, politicians an government of both the Nations were successful in dividing their souls. 

Ironically, after 68 years of special status in their own country, it has become flaw for Majority community to seek something out of religions box. Any act by majority community- 'Hindu'-   started raising suspicion on their character.

And the limit is that even 'Equal Right to Hindu has become Intolerant to Muslims.'

When Christians, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, or Hindus are not given any special status in any Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia then, it is absolutely irrelevant to be given in India. Of non-Muslims are have not right to enter in Mecca and Medina, then special privilege to Muslims in countries with other religious majority  like India, China, USA, Britain is not understandable.

Taking to another instance, like India, Israel was also divided in religious liens - Muslims and Jews. The real suppression of Muslims can be seen in Israel. Here, Muslims are not even trusted and are bound to serve Israeli Army, as all Jews are compelled to served Army for at least 3 years. This did not happen in India. 

Partition manifested Israel for Jews and Palestine for Muslims, as Indian for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims. Till to date, in Pakistan all Hindus have been vanished, torched in Bangladesh. But India emerged as the only country with rising Muslim population. 

When Muslim countries cannot attempt to tolerate other religion in their terrorist then why should all other religions are forced to tolerate them. 

Notably, this is only In India in whole World which is tolerating such caucus caused by Minority communities and still giving them special privilege, even in USA and Britain and Europe, Minorities are being suppressed to greater extent. 

Remarkably, Hajj Pilgrimage, thanks to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty's Muslim vote obsession, is being given in only India in whole World, rather it is not given in any Muslim country.

It’s enough, now, Indian Hindus and Muslims must acknowledge themselves as Indians, who lived in same land for centuries with mutuality, who spoke same language, who shared same culture.