Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ek Saal Modi Sarkar

Ek Saal Modi Sarkar

It has been one year of Modi Government coming into power after unprecedented whitewash of Congress party in Loksabha elections. Modi, who has been Chief Minister of Gujarat for 3 terms, elevated himself in his own capability to highest position of country, even after being opposed and criticized by Congress and other parties and media for his alleged role in post Godhra riots in Gujarat in which more than two thousand Muslim and Hindu people were killed.

In last one year, although a common man could not feel any direct relieve from inflation, corruption, and indifferent governance, but still they want to give him one more year to put some the nation of world’s map once again after 1400 years of slavery.

The Modi government gave attention to the things which have been untouched’ since independence. Government launched various social and economic security schemes like Prime Minister Beema Yojana, Jeevan Jyoti and Atal Pension Yojana for the social security of citizens, for which there never has been any such scheme by Congress government. And to let the Indian youth reinvest them in construction of nation he launched Make in India. Moreover, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan for the cleanness drives of urban and rural area to tarnish the dirty image of country.  

From  so many oversees visits of MR Modi it has already been clear than, he is intent to bring so much of investment that in coming years there will not be scarcity of employment citizens.

However, in last one the incidents of communal genre and religious intolerance has been increased. Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangha, Vishva Hindu Parishad and other extremist Hindutva groups organized a number of conversion evens in various parts of country called Ghar Wapsi.

Somehow, to some extent RSS maligned the image of Bhartiya Janta Party before minority communities of Country.  Also, American President during his visit to India  said that “India will keep developing as far as it will not be divided on religious barricade.”

Indian Look East Policy

Indian Look East Policy 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 3 Country visit i.e. China, Mongolia and South Korea may be seen as East Asia Policy, but it may prove to major turning in India’s international relation with Asian Countries.
Indian Prime Minister’s visit to three eastern counties is certainly going to change the Indian outlook towards Mongoloid world forever. The Western world is keeping close eye on Indian relations with these countries as Modi’s Look East policy has raised their ears.
The Modi’s visit to China is certainly going be a turning point in international relation and cooperation of India with other western countries and Asia. While, first visit of any Indian Prime Minister visited Far East Asian country Mongolia, which does not hold substantial role in international politics, and South Korea is also good move towards look east policy and unitizing the Asian countries against America and Europe powers.
India proposed $1bn credit limit to Mongolia while Korea promised to incest $10bn in India in next 5 years. It will help India in reformation of railway infrastructure, ports and making start cities. China also declared to invest in India in development of Country.
Korea, which was at the same position half decade ago where India was after independence, a small country in South China Sea, suppressed by British rule then Chinese power,  how beautifully polished themselves in a way that it has become manufacturing hub of east with world largest Mobile Company like Samsung and Automobile Company Hyundai.
Indian prime minister signed MoUs with his Korean Counterpart to help to India to renovate ramshackle Indian Railway, (Largest Employer in World) modernization of dilapidated Indian cities and renovation of Indian outdated Indian military.
However, India which was in much more good shape then South Korea, but could not stand itself  in the race of development and lagged behind more than 3 decades from this country. And now the situation is such that India is bound to import technology from a country which is merely 1,00, 000 sq km even smaller than its state of Gujarat (1,96,000 sq km), with population merely 50 million .
It may me ironically that South Korea has made such development on their own and in their own language (Korea), didn’t need to  importing any foreign language for development just like India opted English as language of development, though it remained far most behind from English speaking Counters like Britain, Australia, Canada, United Stated of America or New Zealand.
When I tried to know what Korean people think of Indian India a Korean student residing in New Delhi said, “as capital of India, I thought New Delhi It would be like big cities like Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai, but when I came here it appeared like third world country from of Africa country, with no traffic rules, no good roads, to proper transport system and lake of basic amenities. I can’t think of Seoul like this.” 

However, now it will be interesting to see how Modi’s visit to some many countries for the sake of investment, comes into reality and Modi’s dream of developed Indian come true.

Killer Heat Wave

                                        Killer Heat Wave

                                 In a country where people are bound to die due to cold waves  and hot winds not even its extreme then it will be called as misfortune of the citizens, whose government can't even save them from the cold and heat condition which are very common in northern and central parts of India leaving hundreds dead every  year.

When administration is helpless in saving people from heat and cold then it is purely dream of saving them from epidemic Swine Flu (H1N1), which claimed more then a thousand lives this winter all over the Country.

In southern east state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana more than
1400 people have died in past on week, but government could only afford to provide drinking water to people outside that's its. Isn't it sufficient on Government's end and why it did not pre-prepare for such kinds of situations.

It is not the only thing to which we have failed to cope up, If Nepal's devastating Earthquake would have been much more closure to Indian Capital then it would have been reached to stone age. Even after knowing then Swine Flu catch its strength in winter, government did not pre-pared and let it claim more than 1500 lives.

Each summer witness temperature as hot as 50 degree Celsius in most of the Northern and Central parts of  India, leaving thousands striving for drinking water, specially in states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, but Indian government, in the age of technology where Countries like Israel have learnt how to cultivate in desert,  could not even provide drinking water.

Poor Helpless India

                                                                 Poor Helpless  India

 The Government and Bureaucrats has made Indian so much week from its code inside that it has become so much  helpless and poor to take to help from such a country which is even smaller then it Capital. Although western countries were far more developed than Asian countries due to early independence, revolution and industrialization but the Asian Age has come form Mongoloid People only.

In past few decades the countries which made fast development are Obviously China, Singapore, Macau, Japan, South Korea etc but why Could not India made it up. India has followed non assignment policy since its Independence but of no use as before breakdown of USSR, Indian enjoyed healthy relationship with Russia with good cooperation in almost every field ranging from military help to education,research and infrastructure, but just after its breakdown and emergence of United States of America the soul superpower of world in 1989, India automatically leaned towards it.

United States of America ,Canada and other advanced countries are home to millions of Indian migrants who don ever think of returning once they establish themselves there then don't think to contribute their native country in some way. However, Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minster, called Indian Diaspora living in various countries to contribute for development of their country, lets see how much they help India in its development.

The people are still it it still bound to live and sleep on roads,children labor is now at its height.In last 3 decades 3 classes have been come into existence in India, i.e Very high class like Ambanies and Birlas, and very lowest which comes in below poverty line and spend their night on roads, railway platforms, bus stands etc.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Misfortune of India!

Misfortune of India!

Nagaland’s tribes have been demanding separate Country since independence. On the other hand India could not control its external and internal security. Terrorist and smugglers and, separatists have involved violent actives and hurt the country’s integrity many times but Government always failed to overcome the issue. 
Maoists, a separatist group made by a people dissatisfied by government due non availability of job and other source of income and other facilities to be provided by government aid so far.  The Kashmir issue is the foremost international dispute India faced since its independence fighting 3 Major wars but could not find any substantial result.

It may be called as misfortune of India that Indian Government took it 50 years back in last 60 years. When the countries like Singapore, Israel, North Korea, China Malaysia, and Indonesia got developed in merely 50-60 years, then why India left behind so far in terms of development from these countries which were at the same point 60 years ago where Indian was.

India got its independence in 1947 from British rule, while Singapore was created in 1959, 12 years after India’s independence. Singapore is merely as big as any small as Indian city of Bhopal. During its independence from Malaysia, Singapore was suffering from poverty, corruption, poor infrastructure even it had to import water. But merely in 50 years it became Asia’s four big economic power house with land area of merely 700 sq km, which is almost half of the City of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state of India.

It is unimaginable for such a small county to become world economic power house, with outstanding infrastructure becoming foremost tourist destination not for Asians but Europeans and Americans too. How it transformed from poorest country to most beautiful county of the world. However, Indian need to learn some lesson from this country which did not have even enough food 50 years back has become hotspot tourist destination. Ironically, Indian has more than 32 Lakh sq kms of land with wide verity of land space, snow-capped mountains to meows, tropical forest and plains. But Indian could not improved its tourist infrastructure due to which Indian could not even fruitfied  its so called haven viz Kashmir which is far more beautiful than Switzerland.

Israel, also known as War country of the World has been involved in war since its inception in 1948 after division from Palestine during British rule. Since then it has been fought numerous major and minor wars against its five ordering Arab countries. It fought a number of wars against Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and defeated them every single time.

With its land area just 20,00 sq km which is exactly half of Indian state of Kerala, it still has made itself strong enough that even United States of America do not dare to underestimate it. India, hundred times bigger than it, is the largest military importer of Israel. All the modern agricultural techniques like drip irrigation, arid agriculture are discovered in Israel only.

 Even after being situated at most conflict affected zone how this country has made itself so much strong and immunized is definitely praiseworthy. 

The most disputed territory Gaza strip has been the reason of numerous wars between Israel and Palestine. In last Gaza war in 2014, More 1500 Palestinian civilians were killed whereas merely 10 people including Army personnel were killed on Israeli side, this tells the success story of Israel that how it has made its military so power full. From this instant, we should learn that that peace is not only the solution of conflict when opposite side is repeatedly provoking the cease fire. 
Had India given appropriate answered to Pakistan, such situation has not been created. Such a giant country could not control a smaller and poorer country like Pakistan whereas such a small country like Israel has made chew iron grams to countries far more power full then them.

China the upcoming world power pacing fast to overcome America in next 10 years. With double digit growth rate in last 3 decades China has become second most developed county after Unite States of America. In last 20 years it grew tremendously fast leaving all the advanced countries behind in the world.  It has become largest electronic products manufacturer in world. All the electronic equipment from Mobile phone to watches calculates are being manufactured and assembled in China and imported by all the advanced countries. Even the world’s best phone manufacturer Apple, Sony and Samsung also assemble their phones in China only.

And it China only reason that mobile phone could reach to such grater extent of urban and rural India. ft China did not export mobiles to India, the middle class and rural Indian could not afford the expensive phones made by Sony, Apple, Nokia and Samsung. Thanks to Chinese phone that forced big companies to slash their prices. All the times India claimed to be World’s greatest civilization but our times had been gone thousands of years ago. We had been slave for more than 1500 years that destroyed our education, research and intellect and literature. First Mughal then British ruled India and destroyed its culture from its core and now India even after 60 years of independence could not stand on its own,

The problem India after independence Indian confronted was its diversity. Due to so many Religion, Race, Cast and Creed integration of Indian is almost impossible. That is the reason that there has been communal violence occasionally. Moreover, Northeastern states are still isolated from main stream even after 60 years of Independence. They are always made feel like outsiders.