Monday, January 4, 2016

India's Bloodstained Catastrophe

Someone's son, Someone's father, brother and friend, who sacrificed his life for the sake of Country, who was the only hope of his family, who spent whole life in becoming what he was, whose place cannot be replaced, cannot be filled, whose priceless bravery is beyond measure.
Photo Credit/ (Mukesh Gupta/Reuters)

Whose name will be forgotten after a few tribute ceremonies, medals, or at most national mourning? Nobody is going to cry for him, nobody will shed tears for him, World will never be same for his wife, for his children, for his family, left with lifelong catastrophe.

Their wounds would never be filled, never be recovered, even what change will it make if his wife receives posthumous Bravery award on the Republic Day ahead.

What they have got from sacrificing all what they had at once for nation, would anyone of his family ever dare to think of Army.

Why soldiers are not considered national heroes, why they are not regarded as icons, inspirations, why citizens prefer to talk about Cricketers, Films, Politics but not about our actual heroes sacrificing their lives for nation.

They petrol in hard chilling night in border so that our children can sleep safely in night, they leave their children so that our children can go to school, they leave their family so that we can live with our family happily, they leave every comfort so that we can live in comfort.

But what we give them in the return of their priceless sacrifice.

"Why not writers return their awards against such aristocracies, why Bollywood reel heroes speak up for nations real heroes, why not right, left- and center front go for strikes and movements, why human rights and richest non-profit NGOs are keep themselves out of ambit, have all Student Unions of JNU lost their caliber, is tolerance restored in Nation....?"

How long will India keep tolerating cross-border terrorism, how long will it keep sacrificing its brave-hearts, and how long will war of hatred continue???

New Year Brings Waves of Terror in India & Israel

New Year would not have been better than this, with 2016's first day and second day bringing waves of terror attacks in Israel and India respectively, who share common territorial and cross-border terrorism incitement.
On January 1, 2016, terrorists executed mass-shooting in the heart of Israel’s commercial capital--Tel Aviv (Dizengoff), leaving 2 dead and many injured. Shooters are still wandering free in city, triggering panic in people after 3 days. The intense search operation for culprits are still on, affected normal lives in whole city, imbibing threat among citizens once again.


On the other hand, just after one week of Indian Prime Minister’s Visit to Pakistan, they stabbed in the back of India. On January 2, 2016 brought another terrorist attack in northern Indian state to capture Air Force Base in Pathankot region near the border. In incident lieutenant colonel of National Security Guard, one of the most premium services, Niranjan Kumar lost his life for the sake of the nation.

Ironically, both the countries share the same fate since last 6-7 decades - cross border dispute and terrorism. And serendipity, the seeds were sown by Brits, followed by American and Russian Intervention in region.

Indian has been asking United Nations and all developed countries for fighting terrorism collectively, but no more than false assurance was given to Indian every time.

Notably, recent attacks in Paris drew sympathy from throughout the world, emergency meeting of NATO members was called up, and Americans followed the suit. But they do not attempt to poke their nose in Indian and Israeli issue, who has been prey of cross-border terrorism for decades.
This the time that all nations inducing the most affected and most influential must get together to fight the terrorism growing like mushrooms throughout the world.

Significantly, as compare to Asia, western countries are more affected by the rise of ISIS, as it is targeting the Muslims youth by cyberspace which is much more dangerous than ground battle. India, China, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries even having a predominant Muslim population are less affected as compared to western countries. 
Even after fighting for last 7 decades, India and Israel have lost their numerous brave soldiers, sons, daughters and citizens, fought several wars, but ended up with no hope of peace on both sides. Will there be any solution to this modern day epidemic. Thanks to British mandate, after divided on religious grounds, hatred has been inherited in veins of people of both sides. Neither side wants to compromise an inch of land, although priceless lives of their citizens are at stake.
Like Palestinians are not agreeing to quit fight for Jerusalem, Pakistanis are not ready to forget indelible desire of Kashmir, nor do they want to negotiate. How much blood will be shed, how many mothers will lose their sons, how many women will be widowed. Will the Indo-Israel fate will remain will written on the ashes of their citizens forever.